You Don’t Want To Get Rebuked By Jesus Do You?

Written by Ross Middleton | March 27, 2010 | Mark 15 - 16

Then Believe! So much happens in these last two chapters but I want to focus on the spirit of faith. So lets think about Jesus’ disciples. They hung out with him for several years, watched him do miracles, including raising Lazarus from the dead and they get to listen to the most anointed preaching in the history of mankind. They even got to eat a few of his miracles, I bet that tasted fantastic too!

After Jesus had risen from the dead, he appeared to Mary Magdalene and she told the disciples that he was alive, but they were too busy grieving and weeping. He then appeared “in a different form,” which sounds really cool by the way, and they too told the disciples, and they too again didn’t believe. So then Jesus decides He should probably appear to them personally so that they might believe. The first thing he apparently does, is he rebukes them for their unbelief. I love it, He has been dead for a few days and I just see Him saying, “Come on guys, I did all these miracles, you watched me raise people from the dead, I sent trusted people to you to tell you and you still did not believe, is this good enough?”

What an impression I am sure that left on his disciples, one of the last things they got before he left earth was a rebuke. I am sure that provided a lot of fuel for them to go out and preach the gospel for the rest of their life and I bet they didn’t doubt.

P. Mark shared something last week in his message that I loved. Signs come after taking the step of faith, they follow it. Sometimes, you don’t know if you are making the right decision, we have to act and then God confirms it by signs. I think this is what Jesus was trying to get at with his disciples. He wanted them to believe and not have to see the sign first.

I pray that we have the same spirit of faith that Jesus wants us to have. He never rebuked anyone for having to much faith, He always rebukes for having too little faith.

So in whatever adventure we have in our life, lets step out in faith and believe for signs to follow.