What our staff is reading

Written by Jeremy Sexton | February 12, 2010 |

So, we did a little informal poll of our pastoral staff to see what translations they would be reading for this year and why. Here’s what they said:

Heather Zempel, Discipleship Pastor
ESV Slimline
“I’m reading the ESV because I wanted to switch back to a newer word-for-word translation, and the slimline version makes it easily transportable. I keep the bigger ESV Study Bible in the office for reference.”

John Hasler, Team Leader: Berlin
“I’m reading whatever Heather Zempel chooses because she’s the Bible master.  Actually, I’m intrigued by the ESV at the moment and always enjoy the challenge of the more word for word translations.  I’ve also been camped out in the NLT for some time now, so I’m looking forward to the change of pace.”

Ross Middleton, Ebenezers PM Campus Pastor
“I have read the NIV for years and a few years ago decided to branch out for my daily reading. Two years ago I read the NLT, last year I read the ESV and this year I decided to read the NKJV simply because I had not read it before. It also holds true to one of my deepest core convictions in life, ‘Variety is the spice of life’”

Dave Schmidgall, Ebenezers AM Campus Pastor
The Voice
“I’m reading The Voice because it’s a new, dynamic translation that brings the Biblical narrative to life, representing collaboration among scholars, writers, musicians and other artists.  I plan to cross-reference this “thought-for-thought” version with the ESV, a more “word-for-word” translation.”

Jeremy Sexton, Media Pastor
“I’ve been a fan of the NRSV translation since Bible college, but have never actually owned one. It’s an extremely accurate translation that I feel really brings out some of the nuance of the original text. Excited to finally go through the entire Bible with this translation!”

Chris Jarrell, Kingstowne Campus Pastor
ESV Journaling
I’m reading the ESV because I wanted to read a newer translation, I usually read New Living Translation or New International Version, so I wanted to give myself a change of pace in my reading. The journaling aspect of this Bible leaves margins on the side where I can write notes as I am reading along. I love to mark up my Bible, either by underlining or writing notes about what God is speaking to me through each verse.

Joel Schmidgall, Ballston Campus Pastor
I’m reading the NIV because you can count on it’s accuracy while also being very readable.  I like to supplement the NASB, NKJ, and the Message when digging deeper. I’m also reading the Bible Picture Book with my 3 year old this year.

Matt Ortiz, Digital Pastor
Holman Christian Standard Bible
I decided to mix it up this year and go with the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Typically i read NLT, but was intrigued by HCSB because its written in contemporary English so it should be an easier read verses something like the KJV. HCSB place themselves in the “Optimal Equivalence” category where they try to combine thought-for-thought and word-for-word. Either way I’m excited to read though this version!

Chris Howell, Discipleship Protégé
This was the version I read when I was first energized about reading the Bible. I figured I would revisit it.

Completely unplanned, a few people mentioned the ESV and that happens to be the translation we have available here on the site under the Plan tab!