We Should Worship

Written by Ross Middleton | August 29, 2010 | Habakkuk 1 - 3

Habukkuk is unique among the prophetic writings in the OT because its not like a prophet just downloaded a message from God on iTunes and then told it to the people as most of the prophetic books are. This is a prophet who we get to see have a conversation with God. He asks God something, God responds. Its pretty unique.

What I love about this book and what I think we can learn from it, is that its ok to ask God questions, its ok to be curious about the things of God. Habakkuk ends at the right place though, he ends standing in awe of God, he ends amazed at God’s nature and character. Chapter 3 is basically one long beautiful confession on the matchlessness of God.

When we question God, and we get his response, no matter if we like it or not, our response should be worship. When someone dies, when we lose financially, when we lose our job, when our family falls apart, God’s answer should always incur worship. If we do not respond in worship, I think we should check ourselves, to see if we are really hearing from God and to see if there are not some areas in our life that He wants to cut on a little. God’s nature doesn’t depend on my circumstances, He is the same. He still is deserving of our worship.

Many things we will not understand until the other side of eternity. I like to chalk those moments up to a Deuteronomy 29:29.