Wanna Get Away? 24-26

Written by Andy Pisciotti | March 11, 2010 | Jeremiah 24 - 26

We are up to chapter 27 now and its easy to feel like you have read the same chapter 27 times. I mean come on people, listen to the man sent by God already! How many more times and in how many more ways can one persuade you to return back to God before you and your whole nation becomes dismantled like rotten figs? Now, we find ourselves at the end of chapter 26 and it concludes leaving you on the edge of your page, wondering what is going to happen next. When I finished reading the chapter I could hear the beep..beep..beepbeepbeep…stay tuned for next weeks scenes of chapter 27. Jeremiah found himself in a tight spot. What were the people going to do to him? As we read in the parenthetical paragraph we see what happened the last time someone spoke out publicly like this and challenged the people. It wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t help but try and put myself in the moment and think about what Jeremiah might have been feeling. Was he scared? Was he feeling a sense of excitement and destiny? I would guess he was probably feeling a bit of both. He was living an adventure. The best part of that is Jeremiah was living an adventure established by God. So whatever the outcome, he could never go wrong. How thrilling and exciting, right? Jeremiah is not pressured by the cultural norm or the pattern of the world. He is not backing down because he is the only one in the classroom or the cubical that is a believer. He is on a mission, sent by God to tell His story in order to save a nation. My friends, the same is true for us. If we are honest, the similarities between the nation of Israel then and our nation now are pretty great. God has sent you on a mission to tell the story of God. The weight and value of that message has the power to influence generations beyond your existence. Let me say that from a different angle: You have the opportunity to influence your classmate or co-worker in such a way that can change the course of their history, their children’s history and their children’s history forever and ever. Wow! How cool that God would give us the privilege to take part in this story. So let me ask you. What are you doing right now, this minute, wherever you are? Are you allowing the cultural norm to sway you? Do you feel out numbered? God has placed you where you are in this season for a reason. Do you want to get away? Or do you want to jump into chapter 27 and live the adventure of God? The end of the story is up to you..you get to choose your own adventure!