The Tree Of Life

Written by Amanda Giobbi | January 29, 2011 |

Revelation—what we already know:
• John is the author
• Called “Revelation” because it is the revelation of Jesus Christ
• It addresses (though not in a way that we can know for sure) the return of Jesus and his future triumph over evil
• Many people have different interpretations of what Revelation means

The Tree of Life

On December 27th you read Genesis 2:9, in which we see the tree of life presented to us for the first time in the Garden of Eden.  Today, on January 30th, you see the tree of life presented to us for the last time in the city of New Jerusalem.  The tree took us from the garden to the city.  Our annual reading plan, which took us through the entire bible, has taken us from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem.

Why is this significant?

New Jerusalem, in the end times, is what the Garden of Eden was meant to be, but now without sin.  God will dwell with us, there will be no more tears, no more death, mourning or pain, humans will rule creation, and every wrong will be set right.

The tree of life signifies where we’ve come from and where we will arrive.

Randy Alcorn wrote in his book “Heaven” that we never plan to go on a trip without researching where we’ll be arriving.  He uses his book to take from Scripture what he can about what the Lord says in regard to Heaven from Revelation as well as the rest of Scripture.  I think it is important for us to study Revelation and see what we can pull from it ourselves about where we will spend eternity and how we get there.

These last chapters differentiate those who are in the Book of Life and going to be in the New Jerusalem and those who will be in the second death.  These are some of my favorite parts of Scripture, but they are also some of the heaviest to me.  We can never take our eyes off the eternal, because we can quickly forget what our purpose on earth is.

We’ve come from the garden where we were cast out and our final destination is the city where we will see God’s face.  Don’t forget where God has brought you and where he wants you and all of creation to be for eternity.