Stop Drop Repent

Written by Andy Pisciotti | January 26, 2011 | Revelation 7 - 9

Everyone is searching for something.  The issue most of us face is that we are searching for the wrong things.  We look for satisfaction from our jobs and where we work.  We look for love in places and from people who can not and will not love us back.  We look for comfort from food, from chocolate, and from alcohol (seriously, choose your poison).  We look for community in isolated and desperate situations.

What do we find on this exhaustive search?  Nothing.

At the end of our exhaustive search, God shows us again that He is everything. With a single scroll, He can turn the world on its head (Rev 5-10).  God even takes a moment to stop during this great revelation to acknowledge that, “The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent. . .”  (Rev. 9:20).  God stopped for us.  That’s a big deal.  And it’s obviously not the first time it has happened in the history of mankind (especially given that we are in Revelation!).  But it is a HUGE deal.

We are on this constant search and ignore God - sometimes on purposes, sometimes simply by default.  God can fill us so that we are no longer hungry, and bring us to a point where we never even know thirst (Rev. 7:16).  He gives us purpose and meaning.  He shows us true love, and what love should look like between two people.  He can be our comfort, and God yearns for us to be in true community here on earth.  To put it simply, He wants more for us more than we could ever want for ourselves.

Take a moment.  Stop.  (I can’t imagine that you are doing anything as important as say, world wide revelation.)  Drop to your knees and praise God for the things He is doing and will do in your life.  And then repent.  Repent for those times we went searching for the wrong things.