Stay Golden

Written by Kurtis Parks | January 23, 2011 | Exodus 37 - 40

It’s pretty interesting to me reading through God’s instructions for the building of the tabernacle, and it’s contents, that much of it is made with fine, elaborate resources, the main one being pure gold. In fact, according to the measurements and weights of that time, the amount of gold used for the construction was equal to roughly 2,200 pounds by today’s standard. The amount of silver was 7,550 pounds today, and bronze would have been about 5,300 pounds by today’s standards. That’s a ton of precious metals! And I bet it was of a quality that we can’t even dream of in today’s watered down resource market. This was thousands of years ago, when the earth wasn’t so stripped of it’s disposable resource supply. I really wish I could’ve seen the finished product of the tabernacle, and all it’s inside beauty.

The design for this bad boy is nothing short of extraordinary. God explains exact measurements, and precision is key. I can only imagine the skill of these dudes Bezalel and Oholiab to make all of these items to spec. Of course, the power of the Holy Spirit had to descend on them in order for them to carry out the orders. What I gather from reading this, is that we serve a Holy and Mighty God, who is a master of design, and who deserves the very best.
How timely it was for Pastor Mark’s message last week, that talked about us offering our first and best, because that’s exactly what He calls for in these 4 chapters in Exodus. The best of materials, the best of craftsmen, the best of the people. In one of my favorite worship tunes of the past couple years “How He Loves” the very first line says a ton - “He is jealous for me”. He is jealous because He is holy. He deserves our best and usually what we give Him is our leftovers.
Today I want to encourage you to put into practice offering God your very best, in all that you do. The best of your time, your heart, your career, your family. As Pastor Heather shared with us this weekend, if God isn’t referenced in any area of your life, you might want to cut that area OUT of your life. He should be our everything.. period. So give God your best, and stay golden..