Written by Kurtis Parks | February 2, 2011 | Song of Solomon 5 - 6

I’m not going to pretend that I know all of these metaphors, and exactly what they represent, and how they tie in to us now, as the modern day church. I’m not even going to pretend that I know the reason why Song of Solomon was placed in the Bible. Scholars have wrestled with that for centuries, and unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. Many believe that this book was written in Solomon’s youth, before he was overcome by the ways of polygamy (the Scriptures say he had 700 wives, and 300 concubines).
What I do know is this - Solomon LOVES this woman, and she LOVES him. Not some kind of fleeting love, or a passing infatuation. But a love so strong, that when Solomon leaves, his bride searches for him and cannot find him, 5:8 says “If you find my beloved, tell him I am sick with love.” Snap! That’s a pretty serious crush. I think it indicates the kind of love that Christ has for the church. Reread Chapter 5:8 from the view of Christ to His church. That’ll preach!
Of course, most of this book describes the intimacy between lovers in a poetic way that would put William Shakespeare to shame. The allegories and metaphors have provided pillow talk for married couples for generations. Every now and then I find it fun to text a certain verse to my wife, to see what kind of reaction I’ll get! I won’t tell you which verses.
In an age where “romance” is considered on life-support, if not dead, I think this book can tell us alot. For you husbands out there, WOO your wives. Speak beauty and love into them every day. Tell them what they are to you. I once heard a wise preacher say “If you don’t woo your wife, someone will.”
For the future husbands out there - stay faithful in your walk. Don’t fall into temptation, because your “song” hasn’t yet been written! I’m not saying everyone will get married, and this is always thin ice to tread on, but one Scripture that ties into every aspect of our lives is the famous - “Faithful with little, faithful with much”. I pray that speaks to someone today.
For the ladies - don’t settle. I love what Dr. Foth shared with us this past weekend about making your requests known to God. Believing for the man of God that you rightfully desire. Wait for your Solomon!
Hopefully something I’ve said will be for someone today. I pray that God will speak to all of us, through His word - even when reading Song of Solomon!