Silly Religion (Psalm 31-33)

Written by Andy Pisciotti | September 17, 2010 |

“I hate all this silly religion, but you God I trust.” Psalms 31-33 are deep and honest expressions of the heart of David. David had found himself in a number of betrayals and broken relationships. I appreciate his honesty in His relationship with his creator. David was tired of the menial deeds of religion that required a long list of standards. David’s reflections of God caused him to rejoice greatly. A little perspective goes a long way. We can find ourselves in the deepest valley of pain and yet find a glimmer of hope with only one inch of perspective. In this moment David rejoices that God has wiped his slate clean. The same goes for you and for me. We have been given a gift that we could never afford or ever earn in our lifetime. That is the good news. You and I are free in Christ and that is worth writing & singing about. So enough with the silly religion, it will always leave you yearning for more. Rejoice in your salvation and walk in his steadfast love!