Repetition is the key to learning

Written by Kurtis Parks | November 20, 2010 | Psalms 116 - 118

When I was a pastor’s kid growing up in the church, one thing I vividly remember my dad saying throughout his sermons was this key phrase – “Repetition is the key to learning.” I think the Psalmist here had the same idea in mind. It is amazing to me how many times the phrase “His love endures forever” is repeated throughout the book of Psalms. If there’s one thing that David could attest to in his life, it was God’s unconditional, never-failing love.
There’s another verse in these few Psalms that jumped out at me, and could easily be overlooked. Psalm 116:6 says “The Lord preserves the simple.” How profound and humbling is that?! David WAS a simple man, and although being a king, he also knew that loving God was ALL he had to do, and everything else would fall in line. I encourage you all today, to live simple lives, reflecting constantly on God’s love, which as David puts it simply “endures forever.”