Put Your Hope In The LORD

Written by Amanda Giobbi | November 30, 2010 |

Here’s what we already know about the book of Isaiah:

*Isaiah was an advisor to the kings of Judah
*At the time he was writing there was a civil war in Israel and the land was split into North (Israel) and South (Judah)
*Isaiah means “the Lord saves”
*Isaiah doesn’t skirt around using harsh wording

In Chapters 9-12 Isaiah comments on the current situation of the North and South, he relives the glory days of the past and then prominently notes the HOPE in their future.  Although the book of Isaiah was written long before Jesus Christ was born, Isaiah prophesies about the coming of The Christ.  This Christ would be the hope for not only their future, but the future of the world.

He describes this coming hope as a:
*Wonderful Counselor
*Mighty God
*Everlasting Father
*Prince of Peace
*Ruler by fairness and justice
*Obtaining a Spirit if wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, and knowledge
*Righteous and faithful man

I’m fascinated by the prophets of the Old Testament.  Isaiah is a man who is looking towards the future for hope.  As I seek to understanding the meaning of putting my hope in the Lord I turn to his words.  He is instructing us to put our hope, or our confidence and trust, in this man, Jesus, who he describes as a perfect man and a God worthy of following.  Isaiah was looking towards the future for hope, and we can now look towards that past for ours.

How can you put your hope in God’s power today?