Pain with the Promise

Written by Kurtis Parks | January 11, 2011 | Exodus 1 - 3

Every time I read from Exodus, the story of Moses, I’m taken back to being a little 7 year old boy, right before bedtime, and my dad reading stories of the Bible, accompanied by really cool drawings, of course. The story of Moses is a special one.

First, to set the scene, let’s go back to the famous promise that God made to Abraham, the one where God said He would make him a great nation, as numerous as the stars in the sky, and that God would bless those who blessed them, and curse those who cursed them….
And here we are in Egypt. The people are living in slavery, being heavily oppressed by a wicked Pharaoh, and building massive structures in the hot sun. Pharaoh even makes a decree that all newborn sons be put to death (kind of a crazy foreshadow of the time when Christ was born, heh?)
I’m sure in this time of oppresion, there were quite a few Israelites questioning the great promise made to their forefather, Abraham. But there’s a great verse that changes the course of history, Exodus 2:24. “And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.”

And God remembered…..

Then we have the story of Moses.

I think often times we get in a rut, and we feel like God has forgotten us where we are. Maybe you have a certain calling, or purpose, or passion, and things haven’t gone in the best of directions. You don’t see things lining up the way you planned.

With me, it’s always been music. I moved to Nashville, signed a publishing deal, started touring with a band, and I thought God would use me as a voice to the nation. Soon, I found myself forgetting to spend time in the word, forgetting to start my day in prayer, and my path ended up a good distance from where God’s path was. My band collapsed, my publishing deal ended, and I was in a rough spot.

You see, we start to try to “make things happen”, and with good intentions, we take God’s hand off of our life, and put our hands on it. Things typically crumble when we take God out of the equation.

But as Exodus 2:24 says, “God remembers.”

As my band was on the decline, I began to lead worship at a church in Nashville. Soon offers to lead worship at camps, conferences, and churches around the East Coast started to pour in. The more I gave up my own desires, the more God began to honor His promise, and my life started to find purpose again. God is so good!

If you are in a tough spot today, just remember God hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t forgotten His word, His promise, and His plan for you. It’s in the times we feel forgotten where God is most likely working on us the most. I like the quote “right before breakdown, usually comes the breakthrough.”
Press in today, and know that God always comes through on His word!