Mark 9-10

Written by Andy Pisciotti | March 25, 2010 | Mark 9 - 10

What is faith? In the very last verse of Mark 10 Jesus tells Bartimaeus, “Go for your faith has healed you.” Bartimaus has just cried out to Jesus to have mercy on him, despite heckling from the crowd, and despite being blind, for some reason Bartimaus understands that Jesus can help him to see. How does he know? Has he heard stories of what Jesus has done?

My question every time I read through this scripture is, Where does his faith come from? His faith is strong, its certain. I know that often my confidence and faith in what Jesus can do is not anywhere near the level of Blind Bartimaus. I want to have this assurance and the willingness to cry out to Jesus to have mercy on me, and to know that healing will come.

In John Hasler’s post yesterday he mentioned that what we see Jesus doing in these few chapters is testing the faith of the people around him. In chapter 10 we see the rich man who cannot give up his possessions despite claiming to have followed every commandment. Shortly thereafter we see Bartimaus, who had nothing, follow Jesus without skipping a beat.

So tell me Bartimaus… where does your faith come from?

What is faith? Take a couple seconds and consider that question. Start with these verses if you need to: Genesis 15:6 and Hebrews 11:1-2 and if you’re really ambitious you can read all of chapter 11.