Mark 5-6

Written by Joel Schmidgall | March 22, 2010 | Mark 5 - 6

The best part of my day is right before I leave my house for work.  My little three year old girl grabs me as I open the door, pulls me downward and gives me a big neck squeeze.  At first it was kind of cute yet kind of annoying, because I don’t like to be late.  But I paused one day to process her gift. And when I did, it changed the course of my day. So now each morning I tell her the same thing: “The rest of my day is so much better when you hug me.”

Our bodies react to diverse stimuli using receptors that transmit information via sensory nerves through tracts in the spinal cord and into the brain creating the sensation of touch.

Touch is a powerful thing.  When you embrace your spouse, high five a friend, or shake the hand of a colleague, a reaction happens within the brain that can change the course of interaction.  It’s the power of touch. 

In the middle of our reading today, we encounter a woman with disease who touches Jesus and is immediately healed.  He responds in verse 31, “Who touched my garments?”.  And after she ‘fesses up, he responds in verse 34, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” This experience goes beyond a physically stimulating experience. Jesus explains the power of her touch as being dependant upon the belief of her heart, not the reaction processed in her brain.  Her faith opens the door for the power of Christ’ touch to be unlocked. 

We have been given incredible access to the power of God through His touch on our lives.  But the question is, do we have faith to accept the miracle that comes through His touch?  Let’s unlock opportunity and open the door for a miracle in our day by beginning our day in a prayer of faith:

God, we need You. We trust You. And we begin this day by expressing faith in You.  Please bring Your touch to our bodies, minds, and spirits this morning and we will be ready and anxiously waiting to step into the powerful miracles that you have for this day. Amen!