Luke Book Background

Written by Will Johnston | December 20, 2010 |

Luke is the first book in a two part series, the second being Acts.  It is named after it’s author, Luke, who was a physician from Antioch and a companion of the Apostle Paul.  He wrote during the first century AD, probably the early 60s, and was primarily addressing Gentile Christians.

The book of Luke presents several key themes:

  • God’s sovereign rule over history.
  • The arrival and actual presence of the kingdom of God.
  • The coming and indwelling of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus and his followers.
  • The great reversal taking place in the world.
  • Believers are to live a life of prayer and practice good stewardship with their possessions.
  • The danger of riches.

And he likely wrote with these four goals in mind:

  • To assure his readers of the certainty of what they had been taught
  • To help his readers understand how Israel’s rejection of Jesus and the Gentiles’ entrance into the kingdom of God are in accord with the divine plan.
  • To clarify for his readers Jesus’ teaching concerning the end times.
  • To emphasize that his readers need not fear Rome.

Themes, goals, and facts taken from the ESV Study Bible.