Judges 7-9

Written by Joel Schmidgall | June 29, 2010 |

This is the dumbest battle plan I have ever heard!  The stupidity being established is two-fold.  First, they decide that 300 in the army is better than 22,000.  Second, they chose jars and trumpets over traditional war weapons.  I have found that my assessment of Biblical decisions would delete most of the miracles that happen in the Bible.

When God clearly speaks, He has put into place a rule for success that seems to be communicated again and again in scripture:  Less of us = More of God’s presence.  Less of our ability forces us to trust in God in greater capacity. In this instance, He literally tells Gideon again and again, there’s too much of you.  You need less of you.  And in the end the victory did not come through Gideon’s great strength.  It did not come through the masterful use of their mighty warriors with weapon in hand. It came through God’s divine will.

Two simple challenges for today.  First, where do you need to become less so that God can become more?  Maybe it’s letting go of control of a situation and just trusting in God.  Second, what weapon of your own do you need to lay down?  Maybe you need to let go of anger or emotional control in a situation. A friend said to me the other day, “I felt like as a Christian I needed to retaliate with kindness in the argument.”  God’s victory does not come from our weapons or our power.  Let’s re-imagine our circumstances and allow God to become more in His way today!