Joshua 19-21

Written by Ross Middleton | April 26, 2010 | Joshua 19 - 21

There is obviously a lot of land portioning happening in these chapters. As God divides up the land, what is interesting to me is making an intentional place for these refuge cities. When someone was unintentionally killed the person who committed the act could flee to a refuge city and wait until a fair trial could happen. It was kind of a Hebrew way to say innocent until proven guilty. I think what God is showing us here through dividing up the land is that He cares about justice and he is willing to show it by actually partitioning off part of the promised land to be a refuge for people.

God was obviously serious about justice back then and He still is today. What injustices may God be calling us to do something about? There are so many in the world it can be overwhelming. Where do we start? I do not think we are called or even able to fix all of them, but we can fix some of them. God cares about injustice and he was willing to show it.

What are we doing practically do fix injustices? Sponsoring a Compassion child, giving money to stop human trafficking? There are a lot of great organizations out there we can partner up with. Let’s join the redemptive story of God to help stop injustices around the world.