Job 10-12

Written by Andy Pisciotti | February 21, 2010 | Job 10 - 12

It’s ok to ask God questions. It’s ok to express your frustrations and concerns to Him about the events and circumstances of your life. We have a limited view of God if we view our lives apart from God’s greater story that surrounds and involves all of creation. Job doesn’t understand why the things that are happening to him are happening. God has given him all that he has—his family, his land, his health—and He has taken it all away. As he dialogues with his friends about his uncertainty and despair Job continues to know that God remains sovereign over his circumstances. It still doesn’t make sense to him. What did he do? Job 10:8-9 says, “You formed me with your hand yet now you completely destroy me. Remember that you made me from dust – will you turn me back to dust so soon?” Why did God give him all those things except to take them all away?

Ask God your questions. Express your thoughts. Share your mind related to your circumstances. Do it in joy and in misery. Embrace the uncertainty that surrounds the circumstances of your life knowing that you are a part of a grand story that God is writing still.