Jeremiah 21-23

Written by Andy Pisciotti | March 10, 2010 | Jeremiah 21 - 23

This whole false prophet thing that Jeremiah is confronted with in these chapters is astonishing to me. Here are a couple questions that come to my mind. Do these guys know they are fooling themselves? Do they know that Jeremiah is right and yet are still speaking lies to the people of Judah? It seems that the false prophets are just telling the people what they want to hear which is that God is going to destroy the Babylonians and subsequently let Judah maintain their rebellion and apostasy with no consequences whatsoever.

Do you have friendships, relationships, and people that you are able to speak to with a level of influence? How are you leveraging that influence? Are you confronting people and friends that need to be confronted or are you simply saying the things you know they want to hear—things that leave them comfortable in their sin and rebellion. Speaking truth is hard to do. It’s not always pretty and fun; sometimes you’ll offend people because the truth that you speak is not what they want to hear. Jeremiah spoke the truth to Judah despite knowing they wanted him to speak otherwise. He received threats on his life and was not welcome among the people.

Look at it from the other angle. Are the people who have influence over you confronting you when you need to be confronted or are they just tickling your ear and saying what you want to hear? We are a lot like the people of Judah aren’t we? We want both God and our sin. We want God to bless our lives but we also want to continue our pattern of sin and rebellion against him. Often we choose a direction that we know God isn’t leading because that is what we want and we hope that God blesses us anyway. It doesn’t work like that. Sin has consequences. It has a direct effect or yourself and those around you. Do you have people in your life who can tell you the truth no matter what or are the people around you trying not to offend you?