Jeremiah 11-14

Written by Mark Batterson | March 7, 2010 | Jeremiah 11 - 14

In Jeremiah 11, the Lord tells the Israelites to “obey my voice”, “listen to my voice,” and “incline their ear”. 

I love the simplicity of this.  All we have to do is listen. That’s it.  How do we do that? Well, God speaks in several ways. He speaks through creation. He speaks through Scripture. He speaks in the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. We’ve got to incline our ear to all of those voices.  I read Jeremiah 11 on a flight from Yakima to Seattle, Washington and we flew right by Mount Rainer. I heard it’s voice. It was the voice of the Creator saying: “Look at what I made.”  When I open the Bible, God opens His mouth.  And then there is the voice of the Holy Spirit that is so hard to hear sometimes.  All of us want to hear his comforting voice, guiding voice, powerful voice.  But we often tune out his convicting voice. That is what the Israelites were doing.  And I’ve learned that if you aren’t willing to listen to hear everything the Holy Spirit has to say you won’t hear anything the Holy Spirit has to say. 

My point?  As you read these passages, make sure you incline your ear. Tune into the voice of the Holy Spirit. Respond to the conviction.  Confessing your sins is like popping your ears.  If you respond to the conviction, you’ll hear all His other voices.