I dont want to be….(Matthew 25-28)

Written by Jenilee LeFors | October 26, 2010 | Matthew 25 - 28

Sometimes when I read the Bible I just read it not taking time to meditate on the Word.

Then there are days like today where I can’t do anything BUT meditate, and read it with a repentant heart, and prayerfully comb through each word, and comb through my life wondering if I am living my life according to His Word.

I don’t want to be the bridesmaid that is left behind (25:10).

Nor do I want to be the servant who buried his talent (25:25).

I don’t want to be the “righteous one” who didn’t show the stranger hospitality (25:23).

Neither do I want to be the one who scoffs at someone worshiping Jesus (26:8).

Let alone the one that Jesus says is going to betray him (26:10)
As much as I don’t want to do those things, as I reflect and be honest with myself, the truth is I DO those things and I do it often, all the while brushing it off without conviction. And as you read further into Matthew, you then see how Jesus Christ went through his trials, beaten, and crucified for you. For me.

We have every reason and every right to be in Jesus’ place. It should’ve been me, should’ve been you. Yet we live our lives everyday not investing our talents or gifts, or we live our lives focused on what we can get out it. And if we don’t get instant gratification from what we are doing, then its not worth our while. Can you just picture for a minute what Jesus went through for you? How are you displaying that towards others? How are you being Jesus to them? How are you demonstrating the gospel and grace to each person you come in contact with? Is Jesus the center of your life? The reason and purpose you do what you do?

I am praying that I take my focus off of me and recalibrating my life to center around Jesus and the gospel. My prayer is the same for you.