Chronicle: an account of history, story, historical record.

Written by Reagan Chaney | February 25, 2011 |

Today I struggled with the reading and figuring out honestly what I was reading. There was a lot of naming of mighty men and meetings with leaders and calling of relatives to Israel, all very important. However I was still struggling. Ironically the definition of chronicle is an account of history, story and historical record. Most historical records don’t make you rethink life and its big questions…or do they?

1 Chronicle 12: 38-40 actually did make me dig a little deeper. The passage says that these men came ready to fight if necessary, united and determined where everyone was of the same mind. These verses actually made me think what am I ready to fight for?
Today’s reading was a challenge for me and sometimes it’s hard to find the meaning let alone communicate that meaning to others. At times listening and mediating to music helps me. Listen then read on my friends!
Hillsong - came to my rescue