Can’t touch this

Written by Kurtis Parks | October 31, 2010 | Psalms 42 - 45

Imagine having someone on your side more powerful than the Incredible Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, and all the X men COMBINED! (Notice I left out Batman, because really… he was just a rich kid with weapons)

Well folks, we have that SOMEONE in our awesome God. He is mighty, powerful, and omnipotent. In these few Psalms, we read how David knows this all too well. He lets God do his fighting for him.
In Psalm 44, David recognizes that from the time the children of Israel were led out of Egypt, til that very day – there battles were all won due to the Lord’s hand, not by their own swords.

As King of Israel, David was constantly facing opposition. He had quite a few years where he was in constant battle. However, he always knew that with God on his side, he would be victorious.

Today, if you feel like you’re facing a ton of opposition, and that the whole world is coming down on your back, you need to realize something. The battle is ALREADY won. If God is for us, then WHO can stand against us? No one. There is nothing in this world that can overtake the power of our God. Trust in Him, and lean on Him, and He will fight your battles for you.