Written by Amanda Giobbi | January 11, 2011 | Exodus 4 - 6

What do we already know about Exodus?

o Exodus means departure
o Exodus recounts the story of Moses
o At the beginning of the book hundreds of thousands of Israelites are enslaved in Egypt
o Moses was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter
o Moses fled Egypt as a murderer and 50 years later returned to help free his people
o At this point the Israelites had been oppressed for almost four centuries

I love to abbreviate common sayings.  If you have a “heart of gold” I’ll often call you “GOLD!”  If you show characteristics of being the “salt of the earth” I’ll call you “SALT!”  If you are cute as a button (and I’m sure you are), I’ll call you a “BUTTON!”  And the saying I use most often, whether I’m addressing the teenage inner-city children I mentor, or boys my friends or I am dating is: “COOKIE!”  Cookie refers to being a “tough cookie.”  Now, this could mean a variety of things…you could actually be tough, you could be giving me a hard time, or you could be hard to understand.  When I read through Exodus and the hard time Moses gives the Lord before he submits to His call, all I can think of in my head is “What.  A.  Cookie!”

Here is one of the greatest examples of faith in our history and in Exodus 4-6 we see Moses giving God a hard time.  In Exodus 4 Moses: 1) runs away (literally) from his staff, 2) he argues he’s not a good speaker and thus he cannot confront Pharaoh, 3) he pleads to have God send someone else instead of himself to free the Israelites.  Finally, the Lord gets ANGRY.  I BET he was thinking, “Geesh Moses, you are a COOKIE!”

Then, there is an interesting turn in cookie events.  Moses finally submits to the Lord and follows the call he’s given.  He goes to Pharaoh and asks for his people to be freed.  Instead of freeing the slaves, Pharaoh gives them MORE work!  Moses is devastated The Lord did this to his people and confused at the Lord’s actions.  Now’s who’s the cookie??  God is!
Although Chapter 6 doesn’t finish with a nice bow on this story, God does state his promise to Moses about his people.  He says, “You can be sure I’ve heard the groans of the Israelites.”  And “I have remembered my covenant with them.”

That promise and covenant are true for us today as well.  The Lord is listening to your cries for help and he has not forgotten the bond or pledge he made with you.

We are bound to act like cookies sometime.

We are bound to think the Lord is a cookie sometimes.

But, the Lord is trustworthy and we can follow the call he’s set before us with confidence.  We can choose to obey (the first time) when he asks us to do something, and we can trust that he will bring us out of our bondage when we are crying for help.  He has made an everlasting covenant with us, and He will not forsake us.

So I challenge you today…be GOLD, be SALT, be a BUTTON!  Try not to be a cookie.